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Creating a Healthier Valley County



Check out our resource guides, recommended links for local and regional services, and assessments relevant to Valley County below!



We created mini guides on fridge magnets & business card for easy access to essential Valley County info! Reach out to for multiples. 

Mini Guides

The Glasgow Area Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture's guide is a great resource Valley County residents and we were excited to collaborate on the project in 2021. Click below to access the pdf!

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We created a seven county resource guide that includes services and support for mental health, addiction, and development disability in Eastern Montana.


It is current as of July 2021. Access the pdf above and share with other community members! 

Resource Guides
Smiling Walking Friends

Youth Needs Assessment (2020)

A survey of 150+ Valley County Highschool students and their experiences in the community. 


Community Health Needs Assessment (2016) 

An effort by the community to identify and address health needs for Valley County. 

Alcohol Bottles

Community Readiness Assessment (Adult Binge & Underage Drinking)

A June 2021 report on community readiness to address adult binge drinking and underage alcohol consumption. 


Quick Links

Telemed services for Montana with the goal of providing quick access to mental health & addiction treatment for hard to reach populations. 

Resources guide created by the Southeastern Montana Community Management team, including many telemed and virtual services inclusive to all of Montana. 

Big Timber nonprofit providing a network of telemed resources for mental health.

Montana mental health and developmental disability services for family & adults. 

Mental Health education resources from the state. 

National Alliance on Mental Illness Valley County resources list. 

Parenting tools and information for Montanans. 

Montana State University community education resources. 

Quick Links
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