How does a coalition work? 

A coalition is a group of organizations working together toward a common goal. It serves a defined community (Valley County!) and endeavors to represent all perspectives in reaching its goals. 

The Valley CARE Coalition works towards the mission, vision, and goals explained in detail on our Mission & Values page. In short, our organizations are working towards improving mental health, physical activity, nutrition, and to lessen substance use. 

We formed a coalition because big tasks require collaboration and diverse input to be solved! Our member organizations provide resources and sustainability to the coalition and community volunteers with an interest in specific projects help us get things done! 



Our member organizations: 
The founding members of the coalition signed a Memorandum of Understanding (updated 01/2021) dedicated to sustaining the coalition's efforts, particularly through leadership, guidance, and resources. Member organizations share a mission and provide representatives to make up the steering committee and participate in actions groups.
Our member organizations are
Community volunteers:
Coalition members that are not affiliated with a member organization are involved with our coalition via action groups that work on projects of interest to them. We encourage volunteers to attend monthly meetings to hear about general coalition activities, subscribe to the monthly email update, and to join a project! 

Structure & Leadership

The Steering Committee is responsible for general coalition operations and direction including funding, goals & mission, and supporting the progress of action groups. 


The steering committee is made up of member organizations representatives that also fill the leadership positions of Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, & Treasurer. 

All steering committee members attend monthly coalition meetings. 

Action Groups work on specific projects or focus areas that align with the coalition's mission. They are made up of member organization employees and community volunteers. 

They meet as necessary to accomplish their goals and one action group member attends monthly coalition meetings to update the general coalition and seek support. 

We currently have two action groups: 

1. Behavioral Health action group 

2. Nutrition & Physical Activity action group 

Read our bylaws for further details:  


Current Steering Committee Officers: 

Co-chairs: Mary Hughes (Site Manager, EMCMHC) &

Katrena Palmer (Prevention Specialist, EMCMHC) 

Vice Chair: Mary Armstrong (Commissioner, Valley County Commission)

Treasurer: Lynn Miller (Director, Valley County Health Department) 

Secretary: Taylor Zerbe (Marketing Assistant, FMDH) 

Attend a Meeting 


Monthly coalition meeting: 

General coalition meetings are the first Wednesday of every month from 12 -1p. As of 2021, meetings are held in the Community Room of the Valley County Courthouse. A virtual option is available via Google Hangouts. Access the meeting with this link. Sign up for our email list to receive updates on meeting location and details. 

Monthly meetings are open to the public and we encourage attendance if you are interested in getting involved or want to learn about what we're working on. The steering committee attends and provides coalition updates as well as relevant updates from their affiliate organizations. Action group representatives attend to update the coalition on progress as well. There is time set aside for public comment. 

Nutrition & Physical Activity Action groupMeets twice a month, time and location varies. Please reach out to to get involved.

Behavioral Health Action group: Meets twice a month, time and location varies. Please reach out to to get involved.

​​​**Monthly Coalition Meetings are set for the first Wednesday of every month from 12-1p. They will be held both virtually and in person until further notice. Sign up for the list serve to receive links to access.**