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How to participate: 
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Anyone and everyone is welcome to participate in this project! Please read the information below to learn how. 

Writing the entry: 


We ask that entries be kept under 650 words. Please do not use specific names in order to respect the privacy of others. We will make grammatical changes if necessary before publishing, but will not edit content. 

The guidelines for content are intentionally vague in order to be inclusive of the wide range of experiences that come with behavioral health. Please focus on your own experience and any lessons learned, messages of hope, solidarity, or encouragement that you would like to share. Keep in mind that the purpose of the project is to increase awareness around behavioral health, end stigma, and show community members that they are not alone. 

Submitting an entry: 


You can submit a piece by writing or copy and pasting into the form below. If submitting electronically is difficult, you can also call 228-6332 and we can transcribe your story. All pieces are published anonymously and there is no need to share personal information with the coalition in order to submit. 

The Courier publishes Stories from the Strong in the second issue of every month. You can look for your piece there, or on our website. Thank you for participating in the work to #EndtheStigma! 

Submission Form

Thank you for submitting. Your post will be archived on our site and you can see it here at any point after it has been published in the Courier.

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