Tutor Program


The tutor program aims to increase academic achievement in students from kindergarten to 5th grade. It works to connect children to each other and community members by providing a safe space dedicated to completing schoolwork and improving subject comprehension.


Starting January 26th, tutors are available once a week to help students with schoolwork, practice learned skills, and prepare for tests. Students who do not need academic assistance can still attend the program to work on schoolwork individually. The program will be staffed by qualified volunteers from the community with assistance from qualified high school students.

Interested in getting your student into tutoring or in being a tutor yourself?

Contact 228-6331 or email valleycare59230@gmail.com for further information or assistance. 

​​​**Monthly Coalition Meetings are set for the first Wednesday of every month from 12-1p. They will be held both virtually and in person until further notice. Sign up for the list serve to receive links to access.**