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Youth Coalition

What is a Coalition?

A coalition is a group of clubs, organizations, and individuals that agree to work together to achieve a common goal. Coalitions address all causes of an identified problem to transform entire communities. 


The Youth Coalition is an opportunity for all students to voice their concerns about the community and work together to solve those problems. The Youth Coalition is community based and will cover broader topics than those addressed by school organizations they may already be involved in. 


Why is a Youth Coalition important? 

Young people need to know they are seen, heard, and supported. When young people thrive, the community thrives. Empowering students to make changes in their community increases involvement and investment in the community, ultimately leading to a happier and more successful population. All of Valley County will benefit from the formation of a Youth Coalition. 


The Youth Coalition provides a platform for youth to share their thoughts and experiences because their voice matters. Most students recognize a major drug and alcohol problem in Valley County. Youth personally experience issues with bullying, mental health, and financial insecurity. The Youth Coalition creates an opportunity for youth to step into leadership roles, collaborate on projects, and fix the problems that matter to them. 


Who is the Youth Coalition for? Who can be involved?

The Youth Coalition is for youth, by youth. High school students from all across Valley County are encouraged to participate and will make up the majority of the coalition. Students may serve as representatives from school and community organizations or as individuals representing themselves. 


All members of a community need to empower youth by seeing, listening, supporting, and partnering with them to rally for change. Adults and other community members are encouraged to participate in the Youth Coalition by becoming involved with the Valley CARE Coalition.


How will the Youth Coalition achieve their goals?

The Youth Coalition will use data collected in the Valley County Youth Needs Assessment (2020) to decide what issues to focus on and how they want to make changes in the community. They will develop skills that make up successful leaders and become a voice for those in need. The Youth Coalition will be supported by the Valley CARE Coalition through financial and organizational means as necessary. 

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